isscher Redrawn: 1616-2016 Guildhall Art Galler

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シェークスピア没後400年のイベントとしてVisscher Redrawn: 1616-2016

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In a city moving forward so fast, it pays to look back.

Claes Jansz. Visscher’s 1616 engraving is one of the most iconic images of medieval London; a low-rise cityscape dominated by the spires and steeples of its churches. Four hundred years on, artist Robin Reynolds has recreated the 6.6ft panorama to depict the brilliant architecture of today’s metropolis.

Published in the year of Shakespeare’s death, Visscher’s engraving is one of the few visual records of London before much of it was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666. To commemorate the landmark anniversaries of 350 years since the Fire and 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, the two artworks will be displayed side-by-side at Guildhall Art Gallery.

Prints of Reynolds’ modern day, London panorama – measuring 1.6m – can be purchased at Guildhall Art Gallery for £58. For additional sizes visit Robin Reynolds website.

「Visscher Redra...」の画像検索結果






「Visscher Redra...」の画像検索結果




「Visscher Redra...」の画像検索結果



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