Treasure of the Sea


今年のユニークなFood photo の大賞です!



Winner of the Food Bloggers category
“We talked about this one an awful lot,” says Rayner of this next image – which also includes an octopus. “We have some tentacles, and then a big tangle of squid ink pasta.
“Really I don’t know whether you would want to eat this, or wear it as a hat. It’s a very striking image, but it starts to take you away from food. You could put it on your wall and enjoy it a lot. I am not sure though that you would actually want to eat it.”

また、タコが含まれて – 「私たちはこの1についての非常に多くを話した、「この次の画像のレイナー氏は述べています。 「私たちは、その後、いくつかの触手、とイカ墨パスタの大きなもつれを持っています。

Treasure of the Sea - by Olimpia Davies



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