The Grand Kitchen


今年のユニークなFood photo の大賞です!


Winner of the Champagne Taittinger Food for Celebration category
“A very narrow landscape in a smoky room, showing a major cooking operation for a lot of people,” says Rayner. “There are huge cauldrons, and there’s a very deep umber brown, painterly quality to this. And that divided the judges, some thought it a bit too murky.”
“But one of the acute details, in the right hand corner, a chap with only one arm cooking over a brazier. He’s there, and that’s what he does. It’s a terrific photograph.”

「多くの人のための主要な調理動作を示すスモーキー部屋で非常に狭い風景、「レイナー氏は述べています。 「巨大な釜があり、かつ非常に深いアンバーブラウン、これに絵画品質があります。そして、それは裁判官を分割し、いくつかは、少しも暗いことを考えました。」


The Grand Kitchen - by Shoeb Faruqee (Bangladesh)



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