Food Photographer of the Year 2016


今年のユニークなFood photo の大賞です!


Oozing cheese toasties, fiery hot kitchens and impressive baking displays – see the winners of this year’s Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition.

With plumes of flour jumping high into the air, this image of a baker kneading dough has, says food critic and chairman of the judges Jay Rayner, “a lovely structural element to it”.

チーズtoasties、燃えるような熱いキッチン、印象的なベーキングディスプレイをにじみ出る – 年の競争の今年のピンク・レディー食品写真家の勝者を参照してください。
マーク・ベンハムによって – - レイナー、ほぼ40他の裁判官が写真を決定した競争の総合優勝でなければなりません。
「最後に、それは通常、特に意見を喚起する3つまたは4つの写真までついていますが、これがダウンしたコンテンツへのだ – 。?彼らは食品の質問に話すそして、どれだけ彼らは自分の話を教えて行うのですか」

“It’s a scene that gives you the smell of the bakery before the ovens are turned on.”

Rayner and nearly 40 other judges decided the photo – by Mark Benham – should be the overall winner of the competition.

“In the end, it normally comes down to three or four photos which particularly arouse opinion. It’s down to the content – do they speak to the question of food? And how well do they tell their own stories?”

Scroll and see which other images made the judges’ final selection.

Kids' table - by Lucy Pope (UK)



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