Watching the Puffins on the Farne Islands, Northumberland


Winnie the Pooh’s bucket list シリーズです!



Christopher Robin told Pooh and Piglet all about puffins and seals and other things that they didn’t see in the forest. The three of them stood together and watched the puffins, and Pooh thought how wonderful it would be to have a real brain that could tell you things.





Scattered a couple of miles off the coast of Northumberland, the Farne Islands are one of best places to marvel at nature. Home to cheeky puffins, adorable grey seals and 23 species of seabirds, a boat trip to the Farne Islands is a wonderful way to meet the local wildlife.




The Farne Islands are a group of islands off the coast of Northumberland, England. There are between 15 and 20 islands depending on the state of the tide.They are scattered about 1½–4¾ miles (2.5–7.5 km) from the mainland, divided into two groups, the Inner Group and the Outer Group. The main islands in the Inner Group are Inner Farne, Knoxes Reef and the East and West Wideopens (all joined together on very low tides) and (somewhat separated) the Megstone; the main islands in the Outer Group are Staple Island, the Brownsman, North and South Wamses, Big Harcar and the Longstone. The two groups are separated by Staple Sound. The highest point, on Inner Farne, is 62 feet (19 metres) above mean sea level.





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