Holdstone down


そしてパワースポットの3つ目が、Holdstone downです。

Holdstone downはデヴォンにある場所でウオーキングスポットとしても知られています。

Overhead barrier car park at Holdstone Down – EX34 0PF Overhead barrier car park at Holdstone Down

Easy – Stony paths and tracks, a quiet country road, gentle ascent and descent

A short walk through a high-level wilderness with ancient settlements, plans for an ambitious Victorian housing estate which fortunately came to nought, and a history of spaceships and extra-terrestrial forces. UFO-spotters regularly gather on the summit of this ‘holy mountain’ and children will love the mysterious pebble arrows often left around the cairn by ‘alien’ visitors. An atmospheric walk in autumn, when the rust-coloured bracken is interspersed with banks of purple heather and the last of the butterflies browse among the brambles.


Dr George King standing beside a Spiritual Energy Battery during an Operation Prayer power pilgrimage on Holdstone Down


Spokesman Mark Bennett said: “We had a meeting in July on Holdstone Down and 146 people attended, but the pilgrimages are usually smaller. We are expecting about 30 in the Lake District will probably have about a dozen in the one in south Wales with the Carnedd Llewellyn one even smaller.

“The main thing we do is during the pilgrimage is raise our hands. We visualise light going out through hands and we chant the mantra. We say prayers in a certain way. We say things with as much feeling as a performer would. The more sincere the prayer, the more effective it will be.”

Marks on mountains denote the place where Dr King stood on his original journey. Mr Bennett said: “That is a symbol of where the mountain was charged. It is where our founder Dr King was when the charge went through him. This is the holiest part of the mountain.”



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