Heavy rain brings flood disruption across England






Flooded beer garden

Heavy rain brought flooding to communities across England on Sunday despite river levels stopping short of some predictions.
Rivers burst their banks in Cumbria with flooding affecting roads, farmland and train services across the county.
Only a handful of homes are thought to have been affected despite initial fears up to 1,600 properties could be at risk.
In mid and north Wales, train services have been disrupted due to flooding.
Arriva Trains Wales said routes between Aberystwyth and Shrewsbury had been cancelled because of high river levels at Machynlleth in Powys.
Over the weekend, a sinkhole opened up in Lindal near Whinfield, swallowing a 20ft (6m) cabin, a wagon and a Nissan Micra.
Threlkeld Cricket Club near Keswick, which was destroyed by flooding in 2012, was saved from a second threat when club members and villagers managed to divert the waterflow away from the site.
Reception centres were set up in the Cumbrian towns of Kendal and Egremont.


River Ouse




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