Canary Wharf Ice Rink



このリンクは、スケート小道(Skate Path)なんていう別名があります。



A skate path, The Tasting Room and towering surroundings offer a very civilized session on the ice.
Our business district’s soaring towers lend Canary Wharf Ice Rink an imposing backdrop, and some exciting

extras help it to keep up with its extravagant surroundings. An iced path allows skaters to dash off from

the main rink and glide below fairy light-laden trees. Seal-shaped skate aids are available for hire (£5)

to help beginners find their feet. A pop-up bar and restaurant will serve everything from sandwiches and

ales to cheese fondue and hot buttered rum. Visitors who don’t fancy skating can admire those on the

ice (or giggle at them trying not to fall over) from the heated outdoor viewing terrace.



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