Babes in the Wood



Babes in the Woodをご存知でしょうか?

Babes in the Wood is a traditional children’s tale, as well as a popular pantomime subject. It has also been the name of some other unrelated works. The expression has passed into common language, referring to inexperienced innocents entering unawares into any potentially dangerous or hostile situation. A number of child murder cases have been referred to in the media as the Babes in the Wood murders.

Babes in the Wood は伝統的な子どものホラー小説です。人気のパントマイムの対象にもなっています。

孤児の兄妹が遺産目当てのおじに頼まれた悪漢に森に捨てられ, 夜中に死んでしまうという英国の民謡となっています。

Sometimes a folktale or legend can become so mixed up with what happens in a place, that it is difficult to know where the folktale ends and the history begins. The ‘babes in the wood’ legend is one example. It is a popular tale all over the country, but particularly in Norfolk. There is a strong belief that this tragedy happened in Wayland Wood, which was also called, Wailing Wood.



Wayland Wood is an ancient woodland near to Watton in Norfolk, England. Although the name has been claimed as a corruption of ‘Wailing Wood’, Wayland is the name of an historic Norfolk hundred, within the area of which the wood stands.



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