Mind the Gap



地下鉄(Tube)にのれば、Mind the gap between a train and the plat home! なんてフレーズも耳につきますね。


Th London underground is full of romance: the names of the station alone evoke the glories of English history and legend:

Kinghtsbridge, Baker street, Marble Arch, Angel, Thmple, Swiss Cotage, Arnos Grove, Turnharm Green….

Take a deep breath and plunge far below the street of the capital city by escalator or gleaming life into the 253 miles of

windy turnnels that make up the “Tube”. Once abroad a train, the oversea visitors is reminded that silence is compulsory

and that loud conversation or laughter may cause the train to come to a sudden stop. As you sit waiting in the dark,

your mind will be teeming with questions: “Should I have changed at Gloucester Road?” How will I read all the advertisements?

How do you pronounce “Marlebone?” What if I fall asleep and wake up at cookfosters?






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