At one time the British were known throughout the world as a nation of courteous and careful drivers.

We motored quietly along in our Revers and Rolls Royces, our Minis and our Morrisers, stopping occasionally to let an old lady or flock of sheep cross the road.

In recent years standards have fallen and the government has introduced all kinds of measures to encourage better driving,

including voucher parking, speed cameras, traffic cones, congestion charges and road rage.

The last of these requires motorists to stop their cares and threaten each other with violence if they believe this old-world courtesy has been breached in any way.

The True Brit still maintain many of the nobler motoring traditions in this country,

such as stopping at red lights and giving way to hedgehogs.

As for the famous which side are you are on?

Well of course in Britain right is wrong and left is right.

Will we every change?

Not likely!

The true Brit would rather abandon his car altogether and walk (which , come to think of it, he’s doing more and more these day!)


ほんとうにイギリスはCar Fast! people Secon!なので気をつけてください!!






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